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Modern ideas require modern solutions!

Therefore, in order to implement a new education system, first, it is necessary to create appropriate environment for it, otherwise it won’t survive, just as a flower planted into dry soil. That’s why a fully equipped and well-organized modern campus has such a crucial value.

Certainly, creation of such a huge complex requires prior research on what a modern campus should look like, what kind of rooms it should contain, which equipment is required, how should the spaces be organized and so on. Fortunately, such a research already exists. The ITSI from the University of Basel (Switzerland) has been researching the topic since 2011 within the framework of the study named “Outlining Learning Environments for the Higher Education Institutions of Tomorrow”. It is a very detailed thorough study that stands for a kind of a guideline for building a campus that meets the requirements of modern education trends and also students’ needs. Additionally, it underlines the factors that promote learning efficiency and motivation (in terms of learning environment) and defines the types of spaces that a modern campus should have: teaching spaces, learning spaces, exam center, interspaces, labs, and so forth.

Thus, our organization has taken this study as the basis for the MIT-Center campus concept.